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Skyfi III

Hi all

Does anyone know the pinout of the 9pin serial port of the Skyfi iii ?

I know the standard pins are 2,3,5.

Are there any other pins in use ?




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    Bill Tschumy

    Only pins 2,3 and 5 are used.  You can see the pinouts here:


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    Samuel shachaf

    Thank you

    my problem is that I have connected the SkyFi III to a SiTech controller that has 5 volts on pin 4 of the serial connector,and since then I have connection issues.

    the cable was prepared by me.

    I am afraid the output stage of the SkyFi was damaged.

    I have tried to download the new firmware but I get a note that says that the process was stopped because a connection failure.

    any idea ?



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    Bill Tschumy


    I'm a bit confused, updating the firmware doesn't involve the serial port on SkyFi 3.   It is all done via Wi-Fi.  If you can get to the SkyFi 3 config pages then the SkyFi Wi-Fi radio must be working.

    The page I directed you to was actually for SkyFi 2.  SkyFi 3 has the same pinout but it is possible that pin 4 is connected in some way.  Before I ask the manufacturer about it, finish updating the firmware and see how it works.  I wouldn't think a blown out component would result in an "connection issue" other than a complete failure.  Are yo able to make any of a connection?

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