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SkySafari 4 Pro Astronomy Error

We are using your product.
Clicking on the setup mode in the program forces the application to shut down.
If you delete and reinstall the program, the same problem occurs.
The OS is Android and uses Galaxy Note 8.
I want to resolve the problem for errors.


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    Bill Tschumy

    Has this problem been happening from the start of is it relatively new?

    It is possible there is something corrupted in the settings file.  Let try renaming the file so the app will start up with default settings.

    1. Force quit SkySafari

    2. In a file manager app, go to "/sdcard/SkySafari 4 Pro/Saved Settings" (The "sdcard" might be called something different on your device, but this it the internal sdcard on your device.

    3. Find the file {CurrentSettings].skyset and rename it [CurrentSettings].bad

    4. Now try restarting SkySafari and see if the app works correctly



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    I had the exact same problem with my Note 8 (note8).  I fixed the crashing by creating an empty folder "Saved Settings" which was missing at "/sdcard/SkySafari 4 Pro/Saved Settings".

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