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Question abut alt az results

Sky Safari Pro for android. I am building a goto system for my Dob using the raspberry pi 3. I have the telescope setup in your software as meade lx-200 gps.
On the raspberry pi I have the software working to receive the wifi commands from your software. I also have it controlling and tracking with the stepper motors. Question: to confirm the software on the raspberry pi I have been tracking the alt az calculations vs the calculation you display on the info page. I can get the Hour Angle the same and the az is off a few arc seconds but the alt is usually off by arc minutes. just using sin(ALT) = sin(DEC)*sin(LAT)+cos(DEC)*cos(LAT)*cos(HA) , ALT = asin(ALT) with precision set to long double. Wondering if you have any idea what the difference might be.


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