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NexStar Evolution Scope - wrong mount

When I connect my NexStar Evolution Telescope to Sky Safari 5 Pro for mac, Sky Safari thinks, that the scope is on an equatorial mount. (when I let the scope turn to the right, it turns the scope to the right but in Sky Safari it turns the "scope" (the blue circles) not to the right but to the direction of the W (arrow in the attached image).

Under cmd + 1 -> Mount Type, it's set to Alt-Az. GoTo. This would mean, that my Scope is on an altazimuth mount? and not on an equatorial one?

So, what do I make wrong?


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    Bill Tschumy

    Not sure exactly what is going on, but there are a couple of possibilities.  What scope type have you chosen in the Settings?  Is it Celestron Wi-Fi or is it one of the NexStar options?

    1. You are using a NexStar scope type and the Time/Date in the mount doesn't match that in the hand controller, this can cause strangeness similar to what you are seeing.  Make sure they match, or turn on "Set Time & Location" in the Scope Setup settings and we will automatically make them match.

    2. If you are using Celestron Wi-Fi, make sure you are not also aligning via the hand controller.  With this scope type you must do all your alignment via the app.  Not doing so can also cause strangeness.

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