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SkySafari 5 Scope Control Unresponsive with Celestron SkyPortal Wi-Fi Module

I recently purchased a Celestron Sky Portal to use with my Sky Safari 5.  The first night out using it everything worked well until the very end where it disconnected.  I was using it again last night and it dropped the connection 3 times forcing me to re-connect and align. Grrrr...

Once I got it working I noticed that when I pressed the onscreen buttons to center an object in the scope there was a lag... sometimes of several seconds.  Sometimes I would press the button and nothing would happen.  Is this a connection issue with the Sky Portal? I read in the forums to change the Readout value to 3 per second.  Will this correct the issue?nWhy did it work so well the first time and now it has issues?   If not and issue with Sky Portal have you heard about this issue before?


My setup includes

  • Second Gen SkyPortal Wi-Fi adapter
  • Celestron CGEM II mount powered with 12volt PowerBank
  • Sky Safari 5 on iPad running iOS 11.0





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    Bill Tschumy

    You can try changing thereabout rate to 3.  Celestron did some testing and found that gave the best performance.  The latest version of SkySafari also incorporates some tweaks Celestron made that thy claim will decrease the likelihood of disconnects.  Make sure you are running SkySafari 5.5.

    If you are still having connection problems, you will need to contact Celestron about it.  This appears to be a hardware issue with some of their Wi-Fi adapters.

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    I'm also experiencing UI lag with SkySafari 5.4.1 on an iPad running iOS 11.0.3. I'm using an Evo 8 wi-fi mount.

    Modifying the readout value has a negligible impact on performance. The user experience is abysmal at any value.


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