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Bluetooth Adapter Compatability List

I have an older AirCable BT-Serial adapter I've successfully used to control my Orion Atlas 10-EQ with a PalmPilot Titanium PDA running Planetarium (unfortunately the PalmPilot is no longer functional).

I recently purchased SkySafari 5 Plus for Android and am trying to replicate the wireless control experience using your app on my older Motorola Razr Maxx HD cell phone (Android v4.4.2).

I'm able to pair my phone with the AirCable, but when connecting to the telescope from SkySafari I get a message saying (paraphrased) 'the app sees a telescope but the telescope isn't responding'.

I searched the SkySafari knowledge base and found an FAQ article in the SS5 for Android Startup Guide about Bluetooth-Serial adapters, but the link <> to the BT Adapter Compatibility List seems to be broken.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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