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Right-Angle View

I have SkySafari Pro on an iPhone mounted to my Dobsonian's eyepiece/spider cage and aimed directly at the object I'm viewing through the scope. It works great, but requires me to crane my neck for near-zenith objects. Is it possible for SkySafari to give a right-angle view like my scope and finder? This would allow me to mount the iPhone close to the eyepiece for quick side-by-side comparisons. Perhaps SkySafari could aim along the screen's long axis (or short axis, either way) and offered as an option in the "flip" menu?


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    Bill Tschumy


    This may happen as the result of another feature we are working on.

    I'm actually surprised you find this useful.  I find the compass inaccuracies are bad enough to make it useless for pointing the scope at something.  It will get you in the vicinity but can be off by 5 degrees or so,

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    Eric Rosenbery

    This is great news, Bill! Yes, the compass can be maddeningly temperamental indeed, but it does get me in the ballpark and gives me star field context for zeroing-in. But at least the inaccuracy is consistent (for awhile). A right-angle feature would be especially beneficial for those of us with bifocals in that we have crane-back even more on high objects. But bottom line, as-is, SkySafari is a Godsend for us dinosaurs who have been pulling out Tirion's Star Atlas and flashlight.

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