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Limiting Star Magnitudes

Greetings Tim, I had asked this for version 4 and 5 Pro for Android but it was not granted so I hope that it can be implemented in version 6 for Android. Here is my request, that when you set a limit on a specific magnitude that no matter if you zoom in or out the limited that you have previously set will only show objects of that magnitude and brighter and they will be the only objects to show on your screen. Also have you reconsidered a version for us Microsoft Windows 10 users and if so what was the outcome of that decision? Thanks in advance for all that you do, Mike White


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    Bill Tschumy


    You will be happy to hear that we've implemented exactly what you have asked for in SkySafari 6.

    No, there has been no change in our decision regarding a native Window's version of SkySafari.  However, we are making good progress on a web-based version that may go far to address your needs.

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    Karsten Koch

    Awesome! I've been wanting a hard limit to magnitudes, too! Thanks!

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