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Multiple Viewer Windows: Open .snf file in Viewer Window Used To Select FILE > OPEN

When I open .snf files, they only open in the main viewer window (=1st Starry night window) rather than in the viewer window in which I click File>open.

The manual only describes creating new views (eclipse example), not opening existing .snf additional viewer windows.

Keiron verified this is the current expected behavior in my Request #38353 .

Screenshots of current behavior in this album:

Thus, feature request:

  • have the .snf open into the viewer from which the .snf file is selected (rather than only in the main window)

This will enable me to rapidly setup viewer configurations for observing sessions that I have pre-prepared & saved as .snf files...

Thank you.

Kind regards, Chadwick

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    Ron Blackwell

    I have the same complaint.  This is just one of the incompatibilities introduced in V7 and carried into V8.  As far as I'm concerned, either "open" should cause the .snf file to open in the viewer window from which it was issued, or, it should be disabled in all secondary viewers.  The only way I've found to have different files open in "new viewers" is to make them favourites.

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