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Skysafari + Starsense | How To Polar Align With The Refine Option Which Exists On Starsense

Hello , when you are using starsense without skysafari , there is an option to refine the polar alignement which is very usefully - but when I m using skysafari , how  should I proceed ? can I still do it "outside skyportal" directly on the PAD  ?

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    Bill Tschumy


    SkySafari (and SkyPortal) do not implement the polar alignment routines.  If you want them you should make a feature request via Celestron.

    You can do the polar alignment using the hand controller, but after doing so cycle the power before trying to connect with SkySafari.  If the HC has an alignment model as well as SkySafari, the two will conflict.

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