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Moon feature latency on SS5pro on Andriod tablet

I'm running SS5pro on an LG G pad F 8.0

  When viewing the lunar map, anything zoomed past say- 13' x 17' will result in latency and quite a bit of it If you are into 4' x 5' resolution, latency about 5 seconds. Not just in zooming    but also dragging the lunar image around - much delay.

Id removed and re-installed SS5pro on the LG tablet and the problem persists.    Meanwhile SS5pro on my IOS device runs flawlessly at the same resolution , even down at 1' x 1' the IOS has only 1 second or so delay to pan or zoom.  This is my only current issue, the latency with the lunar map in SS5pro on the LG G pad F 8.0

Why tablet so slow?


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