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    Tim Campbell

    The Meade 'Stella' is their branded version of the SkyFi module.  SkySafari 5 (Plus or Pro versions only) will be able to control any Meade AutoStar controlled scope with the Stella attached.

    Make sure your phone or tablet is on the same WiFi network as the Stella.  It can either join an existing WiFi (e.g. if you are observing in a location such as at your own home where WiFi already exists) -or- it can create it's own WiFi network (the Stella device can create a WiFi network and the phone can join the same network.   You wont be able to access the Internet this way, but the phone will be able to communicate with the scope.)

    In SkySafari's settings menu for Telescope Setup, make sure you select the correct scope & mount type... but tell it to "Auto-Detect SkyFi" and it should recognize the Stella wifi device.


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