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How Do I Connect SkySafari 6 Plus On MacOS 13.1 Using SkyPortal And Celestron 8 SE?

I own SkySafari version 6 Pro on iOS, version 7 Plus on iOS, and version 6 Plus on MacOS.  I am using the Celestron SkyPortal WiFI module to connect to Celestron NexStar 8SE.  The iOS versions work great.  But for the MacOS version, while the SkyPortal connects to my Mac's WiFi network "Celestron FOF," it doesn't connect to the SkySafari 6 Plus MacOS app - I don't get the "Connect" box like I do with my iPad.
I know on my iPad I need to enable SkySafari to use the local network, via Systems Settings/Privacy & Security/Local Network Network, but the MacOS has no such command.  I have a 2022 MacBook Air with the M2 Apple Silicon chip, running MacOS 13.1.

Thank you!

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    Keiron Smith


    Please attach a screenshot showing the SkySafari Telescope > Setup (configured correctly) and Telescope > Scope Control panels.

    Make sure your Mac is connected to the SkyPortal WiFi network.


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