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C/2022 E3 (ZTF) not found


It's getting a bit tiresome. Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) not found. This morning it did....
Also application is bugging. Search query, 2022, nothing found. Close and restart app. Now multiple objects are found.

What to do?
I remember in the past year this also happend with a comet...

Getting a bit annoying if you want to observe....


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    Ka Dir

    Minor Body Data is update ofc.

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    Hi Ka Dir,

    I have been using Sky Safari (SS) 7 since it was released, so my memory of SS 6 is somewhat hazy. I seem to remember the search was a 'Starts with' not a Contain (ie: string search within a field, or a contains). If you were looking for the comet ZTF E3, I would determine it's name (ie: c/2022 e3) and search for that name. For a wider search, try c/2022. In the latest Minor Body Orbit Data update, SS 7 finds 36 comets using c/2022. Searching for just 2022 finds objects with only the four letters of 2022 as a separate keyword. The comet in question doesn't show up in the search results because c/2022 doesn't match the search request. 

    Some fellow SS 7 users have called this pedantic and too literal, but knowing how SS 7 searches eliminates the head scratching & frustration. Performing a contains search would yield way too many results I suspect.

    This is what I have found and will happily welcome corrections or additions to this answer. Also, I hope the development team doesn't change how SS 7 searches as I am used to this search method! 8^)

    By the by, a good website for comet information is 'Weekly Information about Bright Comets' at 

    Clear nights and safe travels!

    Mark Force

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