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[Bluetooth]* Issues Connecting SkySafari Pro 7 To Meade ETX105

I have an old version of Sky Safari pro v5 which is able to connect and control the telescope, I recently purchased SkySafari pro v7 and haven't been able to connect. During setup the app crashes when trying to select the serial adapter. 

1. Menu => Settings => Telescope - Presets => Add a preset 
2. Select 'Other Connection'
3. Select 'Meade ETX 60-125' then Next
4. Select Alt-Az Goto then Next
5. Select 'Connect via Bluetooth' 
6. Click 'Select Device'

Clicking 'select device' above immediately closes sky safari.

The connection is to a Meade ETX 105 using a Bluetooth to RS232 adapter. 
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e / Android 11


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