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How To Fix License Verification Fail Issues With SkySafari On Android? (Answer: Read On!)

I purchased SS 5 Plus years ago and today for the first time and out of the blue it says "unable to verify license" and won't run! This is on my Android Pixel 6 Pro where it has always worked. Please see screenshot (tried to submit screenshot thru submit a request page but that won't allow this problem to be submitted...). No Topic below matches... Very annoying! Can you please help? Thank you.

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    Keiron Smith


    The error message is not generated by SkySafari.  This is a message generated by Google Play Store servers, and is related to your account and the app in question, which in this case is SkySafari.  

    Make sure you are logged into SkySafari using the same account that was used to make the original purchase.

    Usually, these messages clear themselves within a day or two - without doing anything.

    But, if it continues please contact Google Play Store support for a remedy.

    This is outside of our control.

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