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Can We Use Administrators/Moderators Or Hire New Specialists To Improve The Community Forums? (Answer: This Forum Needs Everyone To Contribute, To Succeed - Read On!)

A few !!months!! back, I asked the question of what data is used to build the coordinate model (precedence and nutation) in Sky Safari 6 Pro and why it is difference from Stellarium (and accordingly, the coordinates of the Polar Star over time).

There is still no answer. One gets the feeling that the forum administration simply does not want to answer (it is not motivated by anything, there is no desire and in general they do not care at all about the interests/problems of users). And this is not the first time. The request is to somehow intensify the work of the moderators/administration of the discussion, to answer all questions at least somehow. If the moderators do not want to do this, then exclude them from the discussion and appoint new ones with enthusiasm and initiative!


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    Keiron Smith


    These are community forums, created so that community members can assist community members.

    We are a very small company and developers are fully engaged at all times with many projects.

    So, questions requiring specialized developer knowledge and replies may go unanswered.

    Sorry to disappoint.

    We can always use community members helping community members.

    Let us do the best we can.

    I will forward your query about precedence and nutation to developers, but can not promise a reply at this time.


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    Michael Grehov


    Let's still agree that any problem, proposal to the program or remark - even the most insignificant should have at least one answer. Important things (such as the possible inaccuracy of the coordinate system in a few seconds or even minutes) simply must have an answer. I understand that your company is small, but no one asks that you organize a long correspondence here.

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    Keiron Smith

    Yes, Michael, it is an ideal goal that all queries have a reply.

    Please do help us to build the community forums, replying where possible to the queries you can answer.

    We probably have more than one hundred thousand SkySafari users.

    There is much to be asked, and a whole lot of knowledge to be shared.

    Many hands make light work, and all of us, together, can make these community forums an incredible resource for astronomers everywhere!

    Thanks so much!

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