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I have Skysafari Plus 6 and have been using it successfully until about 2 months ago. I have my latitude and longitude entered into the app correctly (I know because the values are correct in my PolarAlign pro and I have verified online). The problem is that when I go to look at the app, I point north and it is showing south and east is west. 

I have deleted the app and reloaded, but it appears that this but same issue. I also downloaded the newest version and it is still thinking I am pointing south when I am pointing NORTH. I even tried switching west to east but same results.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Robert Nielsen

    One thing to check:

    If you click on the upper right corner of the SS6 display, a small box will appear that shows setting for how big the display is in terms of degrees, whether you want to show rings on the display for your telescope/eyepiece combinations, and (most importantly in this case) whether the view in the display is “flipped” - horizontally, vertically, or both.    Check and see if your setting is something other than “None”

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