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Skysafari 7 pro location keeps changing

Skysafari 7 (Android) keeps changing my location to "current location" that is incorrect. The latitude stays the same, but the longitude goes from 4 to 121. Pressing "Use current location" fixes it to my actual location, so Skysafari should know where I am. This happens when switching between menus and when returning to the app after minimalization. Even with all location data turned off (airplane mode) this bug keeps happening. I am not using any VPN's or GPS spoofing of any kind. Other things I've tried: - Clearing app cache - Reinstalling the app - Disabling Power saving mode - Giving the app every possible permission it could ask for all the time I'm at my wits' end here. Does anyone know of a solution? Is it possible to prevent Skysafari from using "current location" so it just sticks with a set location? Thank you


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