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How To Connect SS7 Pro + Omegon Dob Advanced X 203mm + Omegon Push + Encoder System (User Needs Community Omegon User Help)

Good evening, I have a dobson Omegon Advanced X 203 mm series and recently , 3 days ago, I got the Omegon Push + encoder system tool. I downloaded SkySafari 7 pro but even if using Bluetooth I hear that phone and Push + support communicate nothing happens and moving the tube the display on Safary does not follow. In order to have the better settings to make work SkySafary 7 with my Push + and Dobson Omegon, I am asking for a support. Thank you for all the answers.


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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Keiron Smith

    Please provide all the following info:

    1. App and version
    2. OS version
    3. Screenshots of SS7 Telescope Preset (all panels)
    4. Hardware for connection (wired or wireless, using what)
    5. Screenshot of error messages

    We'll see what advise we can offer.


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