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Coordinates Not Received From SkySafari 6 Pro When Connected To Argo Navis (Answer: Choose EQ Mount, Not Push-To Mount, Read On!)

I have a Losmandy GM-100 push-to mount with 4096 tic encoders connected to an Argo Navis DSC. I am connecting to SkySafari 6 Pro with a SkyFi 3 Wireless Telescope Controller using Meade protocol and a serial cable supplied by Wildcard Innovations connected to serial port 1. I am using a WiFi link to connect and have set up the Telescope as a Meade LX200 Classic (as recommended by Wildcard Innovations) and selected Equatorial Push-To for the Mount Type. The Argo Navis serial port 1 settings are 9600 Baud and startup mode of Meade. When setting up the mount (as Equatorial Push-To) in SkySafari, I did not get a box to input my encoder tics and I question how SkySafari would know this information.

With the settings described above, I am able to connect and get a target on my screen in SkySafari, which is correctly located with respect to where the scope is pointing. If I move the scope, the target moves the correct distance on screen and I am able to find objects by pushing the scope around and watching the target on my screen. However, if I select an object that I wish to find in SkySafari and select Push-To from the Telescope Menu, I get an arrow near the target on screen that shows the direction to move, but the coordinates are not sent to Argo Navis and it reports that no coordinates have been received from the Planetarium software.

Can you please advise if I have set up my system correctly and how I could get the necessary coordinates transferred so that Argo Navis can guide me to an object selected in Sky Safari?

Thanks, Richard

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    Update 12/15/20: I found out this evening from trial and error that by selecting Equatorial GoTo as my Mount Type (even though I am using a Push-To), the object coordinates get transferred to Argo Navis. So problem solved!

    - Richard

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