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[Feature Request] FOV - custom field of view only to 1 decimal place? (iOs app)

When I use the FOV circles in Skysafari Pro (latest version) on the iPhone, I have two issues:

- If I set a custom FOV, it only lets me enter the field to 1 dp. Yet if I choose a scope + lens, I can go to 2dp. The resulting field of view circle is also different between the two i.e. the dp does matter. Can we enter custom FOV to 2dp, please?

- When I choose multiple eyepieces + 1 scope for the FOV indicators, it gives their full name in the screen which is very clunky looking. There doesn't seem to be a way to shorten or edit the text overlaid, unless I create a custom FOV. But if I create a custom FOV instead in which case, I hit the problem of not being able to go to 2dp e.g. 0.18 degree gets shortened to 0.2dp and is slightly larger than 0.18.

It'd be good to be able to set a shortened nickname for these automatically calculated FOV so they don't use up so much of the view. 

Thank you! 


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