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[UX Issue]* Light Mode Vs Dark Mode And Problems With Date and Time Range in Planner (Answer: Update Coming!)

I have spent a lot of time searching for an answer in the app and the online help but no success.

I just purchased Sky Safari Pro.  I am trying to us the Planner.  I want to set up a list for tomorrow between 6 pm and 9 pm.  I picked an Altitude in Degrees of 20 - 90I turn on the "Specific Time Range" toggle.  When I touch the date,  the screen shows a black screen with a small "now" in the middle.  When I touch the time I get a black screen with the header "Pick Starting Time" but nothing else. 

How can I set a date and time range in the Planner?


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    Keiron Smith Official comment
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    Garry Bluhm

    Hi Henry,

    Looks like you have discovered a bug in latest SS6Pro v6.8.0.15.

    Put your Apple device in Dark mode in Display & Brightness settings and the missing selections will become visible.

    My iPad Pro 9.7 with iOS13.6.1 shows this in Light mode:

    & Dark mode:


    My iPhone 7+ with iOS14.3 has the same problem. 


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    Keiron Smith

    Seems to present an issue with way...

    Light mode:

    Dark mode:

    Thanks, we will get this fixed asap.

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