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Permission to reproduce SkySafari sky charts


I've been creating a stargazing trail in Western Australia for the past few years and we're just at the point where we are installing some signage in the towns we promote for Astrotourism destinations. The website we've created to promote Astrotourism in Western Australia is

On the sign we'd very much like to include four sky charts to demonstrate to visitors how the night sky changes from season to season and what they can look out for.

Is it possible to use SkySafari night sky charts on our signs, please? We will credit SkySafari as the supplier and could direct people to download the app so they can discover more.

Thanks so much for your consideration and kind regards,
Carol Redford
Founder, Astrotourism WA

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    Matthew Hjelle

    Hi Carol,

    I responded to your inquiry in a ticket.


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