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[Feature Request] Add ability to platesolve and annotate images

If ASIAir Pro can platesolve in a couple of seconds and provide very basic annotation, I am sure SkySafari Pro could do this as well on my iPad.

In fact, this would be a great add-on feature to purchase, as not all of us use Astrobin, or have Pixinsight - and Astrometry.Net does not provide sufficient annotation or its sketchy (sometimes ignores obvious targets and highlights fainter ones). Gladly would pay $20 for something neatly implemented considering what the competition costs!

I purchased all add-ons for SS6 so all the info to initially platesolve and then annotate to a crazy deep level is in there already. Just add the algorithm to platesolve and then superimpose at the correct image scale the annotations in the field. Add a slider to increase / decrease level of annotation and add ability to tap on an object to switch on / off annotation and then ability to save into photos.

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