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SkySafari 6 w/ SkyFi 3 controls iEQ45 (non-Pro w/ 8407 HC) to go to objects, but SkySafari slew controls lock up SkySafari

Hi Folks,

Hooked up SykSafari 6 via SkyFi 3 w/ serial cable to my older iOptron iEQ45 mount (using socket on the mount). The mount is the pre-Pro model but with the 8407 hand controller. GoTo's to a selected object in SkySafari work just fine, but if I use the manual slewing controls (such as the arrow buttons on the sides or try to enable Tilt to Slew), the mount adjusts slightly once in the indicated direction, but then locks up. If I hit one of the arrow buttons more than once, I may eventually get two adjustments (like after 2 minutes), but no other controls in SkySafari respond. Since it's particularly easy to hit the right or left slew arrows on my tablet accidentally, my current approach is to use the Tilt to Slew option, but not enable it in the planetarium display. I played around with the settings for Readout Rate, but that didn't have any effect on this problem.

It apparently works to manually slew via the hand controller--since the SkySafari display adjusts the telescope pointing icon accordingly, so I assume that won't mess up the agreement between the mount and SkySafari about where the scope is pointing. The manual slewing, IIRC, works fine on my Celestron CGX (using the identical SkyFi 3 device with the Telescope settings in SkySafari set appropriately). Since the problem seems to be unique to this mount, I may just have to live with it--which I can certainly do, but hoping someone has an idea or two to try. Any suggestions for dealing with the locking up problem would be gratefully accepted.

BTW, Simulation Curriculum folks, it'd be very cool to have a way to save more than one Telescope setting in SkySafari and just choose from the saved list to switch between them.



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