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SkySafari 6 Pro parameters for IOS to connect to SynScan WiFi adapter.

From what I've gleaned from the archives here so far, the beta testing has been completed and it's confirmed that SS6 Pro can functionally connect IOS to a Sky Watcher EQ mount via the SynScan WiFi Adapter. The following parameters have been reported to work (I won't be able to try them until later this week and I'm hoping to get confirmation before that):

Telescope: I have a Skymax 127 which I believe corresponds to the Sky Watcher SynScanLink telescope option.

Mount: I have a Sky Watcher EQ6-R Pro mount which I assume corresponds to the Equatorial GoTo (German) mount option. 

Since my iPhone (IP: is my only device on the SynScan WiFi network, I assume I should enter the adapter's IP of

For the port number, I'm unsure. I've seen both 11880 and 11882 posted as being successful. The SS6 manual only mentions the default of 4030 for the SkyFi adaptor but doesn't mention a port for the SynScan adapter.

Other than time and coords are there any other parameters I need to enter to enable me to "Connect" SS6 to the mount? 

Fyi, the SynScan hand controller works fine in the mount's RJ45, and my iPhone works fine with the SynScan WiFi adaptor using the SynScan Pro app. 

I'd very much appreciate some guidance in getting Sky Safari 6 Pro up and running on my IOS device to control that mount. 

Thank you so much! 


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