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How To Align A Celestron Edgehd 11" + CGX-L Mount Using SkySafari? (Answer: Align First With The Hand Controller The Connect With SkySafari - Read On!)

First I want to confirm that if you align the mount using the Cgx mount tools via keypad, you cannot use SS to accurately go to an object?
I assume to utilize the go to tool in SS you must align with the software too.
Second I have an issue with the Precise GoTo option in the Cgx mount software. I noticed that if I align with SS I am unable to use the Precise Goto in the Cgx menu as it states the mount has not been aligned.
Is there anyway around this? It does not appear the SS plus has this option.

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    Don Pierce

    My apologies, I found that my first question was answered in the forums. Must use SS alignment process to be able to use SS GoTo tools.

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