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No "Sync" (Star Alignment) possible with SkySafari 6.0 Pro and SynScan PRO 1.19.12

I´m using SkySafari 6.0 PRO on my SAMSUNG S6 Lite Android 11 and iPAD AIR First Gen.
SynScan PRO 1.19.12 is running on a WIN10 PC as well as on the Adroid tablet SAMSUNG S6 Lite.
SynScan is connected to my mount SkyWatcher EQ6R-PRO via WIFI Adapter.

Via SynScan the mount can be controlled. Also via SynScan I can perform a 1-Star Alignment. The aligned star is then visible in the list: "SynScan APP "Align with Sync".

Now I try to Sync on another star via SkySafari.
The SynScan App tells me "Waiting for Sync command...".
Unfortunately no Sync command will be received when I press the Sync button in SkySafari!
Also there is no error message "Last star at N... is not a suitable alignemt star if I try to use a wrong star".

Now I repeated everything on the iPAD. Here SnyScan is running on a WIN10 PC. It has the same result. It is not possible to receive a Sync command from SkySafari as well as no error message will be received.

Now I repeated everything with Stellarium Mobile. Here everything works! The SynScan APP receives the Sync command and list the new star as well as it displays a message if I choose the wrong alignment star.

Would be great if you will check this behaviour.



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