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[Feature Request] Sort Observations

I would like to be able to sort my observations. If I pick (touch) "Observe" and then pick "Observations" and then pick "All Observations", I see all of my observations in the order they were observed (latest to earliest). If I pick "Edit", all I am able to do is delete observations. I would like to be able to sort my observation by alphabetical order so I can, for example, see which Messier objects I have observed and thus easily know which I am still in need of finding. I would also like to be able to sort by month.
Is it possible to sort observations? It should be. At least manually and preferably automatically with criteria such as alphabetical and object type.


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    I think the functionality you're looking for is found using Observing Lists. Here, you can have a list of all the Messiers, for example, and as you observe them, you tie the observation to that list. Then, within the list, you can see which ones you've observed and haven't, display on the star chart just the ones you haven't seen, sort them by almost anything you want, etc. If you've already made lots of observations without tying them to lists, it's gonna take some time to go back and create lists and make the ties, but it's worth it.

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    Henry Lewis

    Thanks for your response.  I will try that.  But isn't it kind of a back door way to get to that functionality.  I can manually sort my Observing Lists.  Why not at least provide manually sorting capability for Observations?  Again, automatic sorting by various criteria would really be nice.  I am not a computer programmer or app developer but it seems like it would be easy (basic) functionality to add.  

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