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Creating Observation Lists from Queries

I'd like the ability to create observation lists that will show me selected object types during a selected window of time when the objects would be above a selected altitude above the horizon and selected magnitude range.    Here's an example:

Show me the globular clusters, galaxies, bright nebulas, and double stars that will be visible between 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM that are at least 25 degrees above the horizon for 30 minutes and have a magnitude of 8 or brighter, and sort the results by transit time.

This would be EXTREMELY valuable for those of us that have a limited amount of time do some observing.    I often invite people to my back yard to show them objects through my telescope and this type of feature would be such a big help.    I also use Sky Safari 6 and this would excellent to have in that application as well.


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