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How To Connect SkyFi III Wireless Scope Control + Meade LX85? (User Needs Help)

Regarding the SkyFi III Wireless Scope Control ( I have read the two relevant postings: It is compatible with the Meade LX-85, and connecting via the RS-232.

I asked the company for help but they don't seem to have any idea (they said they didn't know) on compatibility with the LX85 ACF mounted on the LX85 German Equatorial Mount (using the AudioStar).
1. Anyone used this device with a Meade telescope? It implies you have to have a serial connection. However, the LX85 manual references a serial port on the AudioStar, but my controller seems to have two RJ45 type connectors (one for the AudioStar). I see no serial connector like the one they show when ordering. 
2. To order it requires you select a serial cable. They list the LX200 and the LX90, but not the LX85. Which cable should be selected? They said to "clarify with Meade Support" but Meade is impossible to reach (no phone service, and emails hit or miss).
3. It may be I am completely missing the point. If the RS-232 plugs into the SkyFi and the other end (RJ45) into the AudioStar, then I mess the reference to connecting to the LX-85 using the serial port.
Thanks for any comments, feedback on this device, or any help.


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