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Can I Connect SkyFi 3 To The Celestron AVX AuX Port? (Answer: No, Read On!)

hi can i use the aux port on the avx the skyq dongle uses if not why..

I got starsense handset with mini-b port and usb type A cable plugged into skyfi3 have not had the weather to do an align yet..

why use the db9 on the skyfi they gone out with the ark..

starsense controller camera and mount all up to date on the firmware..

i don't like using a cable from the handset if i can use the mount..

i got starry night pro plus 8,  sky safari pro 6 android..

cheers steve


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    Keiron Smith


    SkyQLink/Celestron WiFi Modules connect to the Celestron mounts using a special code, written by Celestron, that allows for aligning the Celestron mount from within SkySafari (a special UI is in place for choosing all Celestron alignment options as well).

    SkyFi 3 is not as specialized.  All mounts using SkyFi 3 must be star-aligned first using the hand controller before connecting with SkySafari.  That is why SkyFi 3 is connected to hand controller.  New Celestron hand controller have USBmini ports on the bottom, which can be used with SkyFi 3.  But, still, alignment is required before connecting.


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    stephen phillips

    thank you for answering that question for me :)

    cheers steve

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