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Any Plans For Starry Night Version 9 Pro Plus? This Is What I Would Like To See Added!

Hi Simulation Curriculum team!

Any plans to update current Starry Night software OR update to a new version of Starry night 9 Pro Plus in the near future?

Was hoping when I purchased the Starry Night Pro Plus version 8 (a few weeks ago) that I would see some pictures of our solar system in 2021.  A lot of things have happened in our solar system since the last update:

1. Juno's Cam showing high resolution images of Jupiter

2. Parker Probe, showing our sun.

3. Mars Perseverance Rover shots along with Ingenuity.

4. China's Yutu 2 rover with new panoramas on the far side of the moon?


Thank you!



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    Steffen Crawford


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    Melnykov Viktor

    Hi all,
    In starry night I would like to see the following features:
    True 4K resolution of the environment
    Video export in true 4K and 1080p
    Thank you

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