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[Feature Request] Sky Safari Pro App Suggestions

1. Enhanced AR capabilities: in the AR mode can we have auto moon and sun detection and auto alignment. Using the user location and identification of either the sun and moon, the app should be able to auto-align. 

Can a lock mode also be activated: For example a user can lock onto an object and once you deviate away from the object it tracks your trajectory with doted lines and vibrates when you realign on the object. Both in AR and normal mode. 

This might also be useful for distance calculation between two stars if that is possible...

2. Always highlight option for more than one object or option to have favorites highlighted. There should be a toggle to turn this off and on. This will be helpful to quickly highlight and navigate to objects fir tracking.

3. Option to only display specific satellites instead of the hundreds available so screen is not cumbersome. There can be a toggle that gives the option to display all or display specific satellites.

4. Can magnification  be made true to size or close to true to size? So all objects magnify with respect to their sizes. A toggle might be created for this option too given the option to magnify true to size or only specific objects. 


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    Some great suggestions. Your #2 made me think how helpful it would be if we could highlight several observation lists at the same time. I often find myself working on multiple AL programs at the same time and would love to have both lists showing at the same time. Also, you could have a favorites list, to your point, and have it always on. Love it, hope this makes it into SS7!

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