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Connecting iPad to Skywatcher EQ6. Wiring trouble? (Answer: Mount Specific Serial Cables Are Required)

Hi Kieron!!!!!!

I have iPad Air 14.4.2. Sky Safari 6 Pro ver And the 'original' Sky Wire with the 30 pins....Worked great with AP Mach 1, Losmandy GM8 for many years..... But does not connect with Skywatcher EQ-6 mount using the same wiring.... (I tried "Skywatcher Synscan" and "Skywatcher Synscan Link" on the iPad and every 'telephone plug' style wire I have...) Do I need a different wire to run from the SkyWire to the EQ6 than I had with the previous mounts? Do I need a different interface between the Skywire 30-pin output and the 'telephone plug' wire? Note: the Hand controller of the Synscan (where I have to plug in the SkyWire) is a 5-pin but the wire that 'worked' on my previous mounts is 5 pin at one end and 4-pin at the other.... Thanks for listening. Dave C. in Madoc, ON...

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