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Sky Safari 6 Pro version crashes on Samsung Galaxy A71 running android 11 and also exhibits intermittent sticky keys.

I connect to my Celestron Evolution using the Celestron Wifi  with “connect and align” on Sky Safari 6 Pro.   Connection is consistent and generally flawless.

But when I try to manual align with SkySafari 6 Pro, I encounter a disruptive sticky keys problem. I push "Enter" when the object is in field of view, but when I use up/down arrows and sometime right/left arrows for fine adjustment, the arrow intermittently remains active and the scope runs way past my target before I can stop it.  The up arrow in particular seems to remain active very often when I have a short tap adjustment followed by a longer (half second) activation.   Occasionally, when the arrow remains active, I also get the message “do I want to quit app”.   This sticky key totally disrupts my alignment and often requires me to start over.  I see no command on my phone that suggests it is the cause of the sticky key.

A second serious bug occurs when I use the +/- button while viewing the sky display.  Sometimes the "-" button remains active, running the display to the smallest possible display and then remaining in a jittery state, being unresponsive to further +/-  buttons or attempts to enlarge display using two finger separation.  The jittery state continues even if I close and then reopen SkySafari.  The last time it happened, in aggravation I pushed +/- many times in succession and the jitter stopped and allowed me to once again control the display.  Based on online commentary, I increased the readout rate to 6 and even 10 times per second, but this did not reduce or eliminate either problem.

Finally, there is a software issues which is a matter of convenience.  After I’ve aligned on my first star, I generally use the “goto” button to go to the 2nd one.  After “goto”, the 2nd object is usually in the field of view.  But if I forget to push “enter” and instead hit the fine adjust arrow, the scope takes off at max slew rate, usually leaving the field of view.  I would prefer that the slew rate be set  to the minimum slew rate after a “goto” command, so the fine adjust can be used without having to remember to reduce the slew rate as I so often forget to do.

I would appreciate suggestions to eliminate these problems.  Dave

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    Keiron Smith


    Do you have a 2nd Android device on which you can test and see if the issues are reproducible?  Your issues are not being reported by anyone else at this time.


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