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We Are Looking For SS7 UX/UI Beta Testers

Hi SkySafari Community!

With so many current, and more to come, features, functions and databases, we are looking to optimize the UI/UX for SS7.

We would like to invite a handful of passionate SS6 users to participate in this process.

If selected, you would be invited to one online 30min ZOOM meeting, scheduled during business hours, 9am-5pm, Eastern Standard Time.

You will be asked to review and offer feedback on potential changes to the app.

A follow-up ZOOM meeting may also be scheduled at a later date.

If you are interested to participate in this UI/UX beta testing please reply below and outline the (astronomy, SS6 app usage, developer, etc) experience you can bring to the meeting.

Please note, as a requirement, you should be a hardcore SkySafari 6 Plus/Pro user, that is using the current app extensively every available dark sky night, has a established workflow for both planning and observing, and knows the current app inside and out.

SS7 is coming :)


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    Hey Keiron, I now have an iPhone and have an iPad on order and would love to be involved. Definitely can be helpful in Android as well. Hopefully my app experience meet the qualifications. :)

    I use the app for everything from browsing objects randomly to fully using its capabilities for my sessions, logging observations, working through lists, deciding what to look at.

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    Alexis Cousein

    Count me in if you want an extra European beta tester. I plan my sessions (objects, order in which the objects cross the meridian) with my Dob and star hop during the session using SS6 (and, unfortunately, pocket reading glasses) on an iPhone X with red filter sheet.

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    Chris Pohlad-Thomas

    Are you still looking for testers? Longtime SS user here but have also tested for SN as well.

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