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Extending Magnitude Range from 180-degree to 1-degree Views

If I'm zoomed all the way out, I can set the faintest star magnitude to something like 4.  Then when I zoom into a 0.5-degree field, the limiting magnitude is 14.  Since I have the auxiliary star database installed, it can actually go to magnitude 20.  My images on a 1.1-meter scope reach about that deep, so I'd like it to keep it that faint.  Of course, when you zoom out to 180 degrees after doing that, the limit is now magnitude 8 instead of 4, and the view is far too cluttered with stars.

Maybe this is a feature request, but is there a way to set it up to have both magnitude 4 at 180 degrees and magnitude 20 at 0.5 degrees?

I think one of the authors of SkySafari came from Carina Software, and Voyager enables setting up "ramps" with a slope of magnitude vs. field of view.  Perhaps that's too difficult with a phone interface, but that would be the best solution.  Thanks.



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