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Does SS5 Support Celestron WiFi Evolution Mounts? (Answer: No, Please Upgrade To SS6 Or SS7)

SS5pro says it can connect to Evo 8 and that the scope is not responding. What kind of response is it waiting for?

This is after all is set up correctly via the manual.

Celestron SkyPortal has no problem operating the scope at all.

Just wondering what SS5pro's problem is.

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    Keiron Smith

    SS5 does not support Celestron WiFi.

    In the ScopeType settings you need to select "Celestron WiFi".

    I don't believe the option is available is SS5.  

    So, you would have to upgrade to SS6 or SS7 (when it is released end of year).

    SS6 is on sale now, probably 50% off.



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