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ASCOM support for Nexus II

I've been a happy user of SkySafari Pro 6, and have found it to support most hardware.   Sadly, I can't claim the same for the much more expensive StarryNight software, which I expected to be at least as functional, given its significantly higher price.

I currently have two Nexus II setups, one on a Losmandy G11 and one on a 14" HO Dob.  I've been in communication with Serge concerning planetarium programs on Windows that will support Nexus II.  Currently, there is no ASCOM driver that will work with the Nexus II, and no other Windows software that directly communicates with the Nexus II.  The Orion Intelliscope driver (recommended in the Nexus documents) hasn't been supported since ~2014, and it's been taken down from any sites that previously hosted it.   David Eks' software is 20 years old (I've been in communication with him) and he hasn't been supporting them.  They don't work with the Nexus II.  

Currently, I use my Nexus II (I have 2 of them ... Nexii?) with SkySafari Pro 6 on Android.  I'm not sure why StarryNight (from the same company) doesn't have the Nexus II communication built-in like SkySafary Pro, but they don't.   I'm not happy at all with the StarryNight people, since it would be easy for them to build an ASCOM driver for the Nexus II, and certainly, they charge enough for their software.   

Given that the main reason many people go with Starry Night is their experience with SkySafari Pro, I'd say the lack of a suitable ASCOM driver, or builtin communication with Nexus II is irresponsible.   The Nexus II is a widely used platform, and I'm certain drives some sales of Starry Night.



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