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How to connect SkySafari 6 + SkyFi 3 + Orion Synscan 4.39.15 via USB

I can't seem to get SkySafari to recognize and connect to my Orion SkyView Pro via Synscan v4. I assume this is supported via a USB cable, or do I have to buy a serial connector instead?


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    Keiron Smith


    Please provide more information about your setup:

    1. What app and version?
    2. What OS?
    3. What device?
    4. Can you establish a connection from your device to SkyFi 3?
    5. Does your hand controller have a USB port or an RS232 port on the bottom?
    6. Please provide photos showing how you are connecting SkyFi 3 to your mount.
    7. Please provide a screenshot of the error message in SkySafari.



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    Raul Ortega

    SkySafari 6 Pro v6.8.5.2

    Apple iPad IOS 14.4.2

    Orion SkyView Pro mount with GoTo Synscan V5 Controller - firmware v4.39.15

    My iPad connects to SkyFi without issue.

    The controller has both a USB and RS232 port on the bottom. The manual says it can be controlled by a computer via the USB port. This is the same issue as this one posted here. Same controller - same setup.

    The error message says that I can connect to SkyFi but cannot get a response from the telescope.


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    Keiron Smith

    The solution I provide was as follows:

    Please try the Multi-Purpose Port in the middle.  Its not clear from the manual that USB can be used for computer control.  It may just be for firmware updates.  


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