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Does a Celestron SkyPortal Wifi Module work for MacOS and SkySafari 6? Wondering if I can use my MacBook to control my telescope in addition to my iPhone.

I want to align and control my Celestron SE telescope with SkyPortal and also SkySafari. I'm thinking of getting the Celestron SkyPortal Wifi Module for wireless connection. I understand this module works with the iOS SkyPortal app, and that's great. However, my question is:

Am I able to control and/or align my telescope with SkySafari or StarryNight with the MacOS version of these programs using the Celestron Wifi Module? 

Thanks so much.


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    Keiron Smith


    Yes, you can use SkySafari 6 Plus/Pro on MacOS to control you scope via Celestron WiFi.

    Starry Night does not offer support for Celestron WiFi.




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    Sebastian Garcia Escallon

    Thank you so much Keiron! Just wanted to make sure before purchasing the Celestron WiFi module.


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