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Starry Night Pro 8 + Meade LX200 = Error Message "Your Autostar II Firmware (4.2G) Should Be Updated To 4.2g Or Later. Some Things May Not Work


I tried many times to connect my MeadeLX200GPS to SNP8 without any success.

I installed on windows (20H2) the latest ascom driver for meade Version 5.0.0 and while trying to connect, I got the following pop up:

Your Autostar II firmware (4.2G) should be updated to 4.2g or later. Some things may not work


Then I updated the scope firmware by means of autostar update, I have now the version 4.2l and I have the same pop up when tring to connect the scope in SNP8, the pop up mentions now that my firmaware 4.2l should to be updated.

I upgraded the version of SNP form 7 to 8 1 year ago.

When I was using SNP7 with the same computer some years ago, I could get the connection without problems.

Am I missing something ?



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    Keiron Smith


    I don't believe installing SN7 will make a difference, but you are free to try.

    Try rebooting your computer.  Sometimes the drivers do not take effect unless the computer is rebooted.

    Also, the message says "some things may not work."  It does not say it will not work.  So, can you connect and control your scope after pressing "OK" on the message?


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