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Skyfi 3

Hi . I need help . When I press “goto” the object shows up almost at the end of the fov.always in the same place This happens in with any object Thank you in advance . I have the Celestron cpc 11 , and the skyfi 3. My email is .

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    Sounds like you haven't aligned your system to center objects in the scope's FOV. 

    Are you using Celestron StarSense?  If so, you need to "Calibrate" it to your system.  So long as you don't change scope, saddle, or camera -- or move the SS camera, you only need to "Calibrate" once.  The offset is stored in StarSense.  And this is a SS internal digital alignment -- not a physical alignment.  After a SS auto-alignment, you tap the "Calibrate" button and follow the instructions.




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