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How To Configure SkySafari 7 Pro + Celestron WiFi Using An Access Point? (Answer: Read On!)


I'm using Skysafari 7 pro on my Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra (Android 13) to connect to my Celestron Nexstar 8 SE via a Skyportal wifi module.

I configured successfully the connection in direct mode:   -> Celectron Wifi -> Goto Alt-Az -> use direct connection -> etc...

But I'm struggling to set another preset to connect via my home wifi in access point. I followed the same setting process but choose "use access point" instead of "direct mode". Then it seems there's a button or something to configure the access point but it doesn't react. Not when I'm clicking the line, nor the ">" button, nor anywhere else on the page. The button does not seem to be disable though.

I installed the Skyportal app (that is indicated as being powered by Skysafari) and was able to configure both connections successfully. My telescope and its wifi module are working fine with that app.

Could be there an issue with that preset page, or am I missing something? 

Thank you for your support

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