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Super long operational delays using SkyFi w SS7 iOS

Why are there very long delays when entering text in SS7 Pro when connected to SkyFi? It’s almost impossible to enter new observation text because the delay is so long.


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    Keiron Smith

    Please provide the following:

    1. App and version.  See HELP > scroll to the bottom
    2. OS version
    3. Device make and model
    4. Screen recording of the issue in question.  Please share a link to the recording via Dropbox or similar web sharing service.


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    Blaine Snow

    1. SS& Pro, 7.2.0

    2. OS v16.5.1(c)

    3. iPhone 11

    4. I can't record this now because I'm not connected to my scope via SkyFi. Suffice it to say that the delay between touching a key on the keyboard and the letter appearing on the screen goes from nearly instant to upwards of 3-4 seconds of delay... very randomly. It makes it nearly impossible to type observation notes because you sit and wait around for the text to appear... so it gets entered by very slowly.

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