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Using SS6 Pro On MacOS, When I Deselect A Telescope/Camera Combination, If I Scroll Away And Then Scroll Back, It's Checked Again? (Answer: Read On!)

I love Sky Safari and use it nearly every day on my iPhone, iPad and Mac.  One feature that I use very frequently is "Scope Display".  I have 7 telescopes and 3 cameras and so I am always selecting different combinations to check the field of view which shows up as a rectangle on the screen.  On the iPhone this always works perfectly.  But on the Mac, frequently when I deselect a telescope/camera combination, if I scroll away and then scroll back, it's checked again.  Then I uncheck it again, and Sky Safari puts the checkmark back on.  And it leaves the rectangles on the screen.  Unfortunately I can repeat this issue over and over again and it's becoming quite bothersome.  It doesn't matter if I quit Sky Safari and relaunch. Checking the boxes to display a telescope/camera combination seems to work fine.  It's the unchecking that doesn't work.   Can you please look into this defect?

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