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SkySafari for iPad does not support ZWO AM5 mount

When i look for the ZWO AM5 mount in the Telescope / Presets it does not show ZWO AM5, nor does it show when I scan my network for INDI devices (even though my device is on the my home network). 


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    Keiron Smith


    Please provide the following info:

    1. App and version.  See Help > scroll to the bottom
    2. iOS version


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    Skye Melody Goodrich
    1. App and version. See Help -- SkySafari7 Plus, 7.2.0 (1096)
    2. iOS version --16.6
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    Keiron Smith

    There is no ZWO Preset at this time.

    Are you running a VPN?  

    Please verify your configuration vs the setup instructions below.

    • Download K-Stars from
    • Install K-Stars into Applications from the dmg
    • Open K-Stars with context menu to tell MacOS it is safe
    • Run indiserver through terminal:

    cd /Applications/ ./indiserver ./indi_simulator_telescope ./indi_lx200gps

    • This will launch indiserver on the default port, 7624, including two telescope devices.
    • Make sure you have installed ASCOM Platform 6 or later
    • Download Indiserver for Windows from:, ignoring security complaints
    • Launch Indiserver for Windows 
    • Move telescope controllers from the 'Available Devices' tab to 'Selected Devices', making sure to include 'Telescope Simulator for .Net'
    • Click the 'debug' box on
    • Press the 'Start' button
    • Open the 'Log' to make sure everything is running
    It should be easy to install and run indiserver following the instructions here but we haven't tried it yet.
    Once the INDI Server is running
    Open up SS7 and create a telescope preset for INDI.
    • Menu/Settings/Presets/Add Preset/INDI
    • Enter the IP Address of the device you're running the server on
    • Port 7624 (this is the default, it can be configured in the server to a different port)
    • Tap 'Scan for devices'
    • Telescopes attached to INDI Server should show up here
    • Tap Next/Save, then connect!


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    Skye Melody Goodrich

    No VPN, just saying since AM5 mount is now quite popular you might want to consider supporting it. It can be driven wirelessly or via wire, via the ASIAIR app or via AM5 mount app, and ASCOM etc. 

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    Keiron Smith

    But, you can connect to AM5 via INDI Preset?

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