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new iPhone, SkySafari wont work

Hi Guys,
I purchased some (?) version of SkySafari in 2021 for $4.99.   I LOVED it!   Now I have upgraded my iPhone and re-downloaded SkySafari.  All I get is a blank screen with a menu of 5 choices on the bottom.

BTW, This is the absolute worst designed support mechanism I have ever used.  Just thought you would like to know

Order ID: MV9VSTZZNN, DOCUMENT NO. 117499401591, Date of Purchase: 12/19/2021

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    Keiron Smith


    Please attach a screenshot of the "blank screen with a menu of 5 choices on the bottom".

    Please also provide the following info:

    1. App and version (look in the App Store listing).
    2. iOS version
    3. Device make and model

    Thanks for your patience.

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